Kick off from the ashes


A sky painted in hues of oranges bright yellows and muted gray. Ever behold something like that. So fresh so captivating. A bright scene on an ungodly hour. The scene of hope… The scene if morning that tells you to work more for the day. Everything is going to be alright. You are going to be fine. Get the hopes on Leah.. The world is opening up to you.

Work more … Enjoy more.. Connect more… Everything is going to workout.

Be happy for what you have right now. Because you got that view how a new day wakes up from the ashes of yesterday. So everyday is a reminder for you to remember things can go wrong… Your hard work in vain.. Your dear ones try to hurt you. You may die internally.. But you ll risen up like a new day from the dead remains of yesterday.

The you of today is the beautiful reminder of yesterday. I want you to be happy

No.matter how much broken you are,, how scarred you are.. You are your own superhero


Worth the Fight


We fight, fight and fight
We fight against our fears
We fight against our tears
We fight against our scars
We fight against our dears
We fight against our failures
We fight against our imperfections
We fight against ourselves
We get tired of fighting
On the verge of losing our fighting spirit
We start fighting aggressively, and it is worth it.

Semolina(rava)-potato vada to beat the monsoon cravings.


As a Malayali, I long for monsoons than summers. It is that unpopular season among kids, the back to school time. It brings in magic, creativity, and nostalgia to our lives. Right now, we are witnessing the visits of Monsoon Gods.
The sweet smell of rain and the soil makes the air so dramatic. Water, bright greenery, colorful umbrellas, local fishermen are the everyday scenes during monsoons.

When it rains, desires hit us hard. A cup of hot tea and a plate of crunchies is a must-have on a rainy day.

I am sharing an easy snack recipe here.

Rava (semolina)- 1 /2cup

Boiled potato(mashed) – 1(big)

Cumin powder – a pinch

Salt – for taste

Crushed garlic – 2or 3 cloves

Ginger paste – 1tsp

Crushed green chillies – 2

Onion- 1 small

Oil – to fry

Turmeric powder – a pinch

Mix all the ingredients and sprinkle some water on to it to make it damp.

Don’t add too much water, just a sprinkle to hold all the ingredients.

It should be coarse and thick but slightly loose than chapathi dough because you have to put holes in the center.

Take lemon size balls from the mix and place it on your palm and slightly flatten it and then dig in hole on the center.

Freeze it for 20-30 mins

Heat oil and fry the freezed vadas in the oil . Fry until it turns golden color.

Try it with hot tea or coffee .

While I was savouring these crunchy munchies all I could hear was the beat boxing of raindrops against my roof.

P.S. I never thought I could make doughnut shape . So I didn’t thought of clicking pics while mixing the batter . All I could do was click the piping hot vadas.

When I wanted to tell you stories in few words- part 2


My favourite routine for the past few days, writing stories in a few words. I don’t know how to categorize them. I don’t know whether they are poems, quotes or what not🙄.

Some of them are inspired , someof them are my own thoughts. I have already shared a few before in a post, check it out here.

And the fun is , people like it too. I have been posting them in my Instagram handle for the past few days and a lot of people reached out and appreciated my nano tales.

Instagram is a necessity to each and every one of budding writers with its hashtags, thousand followers and instant stories.

I always wanted to be a writer, so i thought of writing daily and i find this will work out. And i like it because , i don’t have to think of word count and research a lot, just write from my heart.

And i find it working, everyday i get a few followers,new likes and messages from other fellow writers and my favourite part is some of them even want to feature my works on their instagram handles.

P.S . Follow me if you like them. I will sharing more in few days.

A letter to my rock-bottom


Dear rock-bottom,

You have been taunting me for the past few years. You are using all your dirty tricks upon me. You hit me in my face and you pull apart my life like no one ever did. You just wanted to broke me financially,mentally, spiritually and socially. You hit me hard in all of my weakest places. You gripped your vices on me , you tried to take away my happiness, my dreams and my hopes.

I know why you are so merciless to everyone. Because people curse you, hate you and they wanted to drive you away. So you taunt them more, you just want to break everyone ,hit them hard.

Somehow , you broke me technically,but not completely. You know why?

Because I choose to embrace you,no matter how vicious you are I still like you🤗. And I accepted my rock bottom as the blank slate where I sketched my life.

When I fell down into the waiting arms of my rock-bottom it strangled me with all its mightiness. I didn’t know how to come out of it, I was stuck in that eerie glowiness.

Then I realized that I am at the crossroads,either I can choose to huddle in this rock-bottom or choose to hustle .And I choose the later one, hustle , like a toddler taking her first steps.

The first question I asked myself was ” Why me?”
Now , I know the answer. It is ” because I am stronger.

I started to surround myself with happiness, the little things that made me happy. They are:-

I indulged in improving my skills.

I started writing regularly.

I started to read a lot.

I did diy, crafts, arts and doodling.

I did all small things I can do.

My rock bottom taught me:-

how to be patient.

how to be nice to others

It keeps me grounded.

It made me believe in myself, when no one ever did.

I taught me, the only person who can ever help you is yourself

It taught me that,” Everything I did matters.

We fought over relentlessly, when she tried to drown me I tried to rise up.

It taught me “there are no shortcuts, it’s a long road”.

Nourishing and detoxing mask for curly hair


Hello, myself a curly hair girl here. If you are also blessed with curly hair , you know how difficult it is to maintain curly hair.And if your locks are frizzy,close your eyes and say a silent prayer.

Years of attacking my locks with combs, harsh shampoos and curses only added fierceness to my frizzy hair. And then I hide them I braids, buns and ponytails and waited for miracles( turning my curls to straight).

Now, I know things won’t work as I wish or prayed. So I started to embrace my curls as it is. I love it, nurture it and take care of it as much as I can.

Then I started using homemade masks to replenish and hydrate my locks. Inorder to remove frizziness you have to replenish,rejenuate and moisturize them.

So I am going to share one of them with you now.

Hibiscus – Aloe vera mask

Red Hibiscus – 12

( if you don’t have fresh hibiscus , you can use dried hibiscus or hibiscus powder or any other readymade hibiscus alternatives)

Aloe vera- 1 large stem

( you can use gel also)

Milk – 2-3 spoons

Oil – 2 tbsp

( you can use coconut oil/ olive oil)

( I used homemade herbal oil-my mother’s recipe made with coconut oil and herbs)

Blend hibiscus,milk and aloe in a blender.

Use a strainer or a soft cloth to filter to extract the juice from the paste.

Mix oil with the extracted juice and heat it for 2-3 minutes.

When the mixture turns lukewarm , massage it into your scalp .

Keep it in your hair for about 60 minutes.

You can either wash it in water or you if you want to shampoo or condition try to use a mild shampoo.

You are done. Allow it to air dry after washing. You will find the difference , the frizziness is gone , you feel your hair strands turned silky. The curls will look more defined without styling and the dullness is gone.

Teach your curls,how to be naughty and messy, grow them naturally😍.

When I wanted to tell you stories in few words- part 1


This is my favourite routine for the past few days , telling stories to people in a few words.

You don’t have to keep an eye on the word count, you don’t have to research a lot for the post. Just write your heart away.

And the fun is , people like it too. I have been posting them in my Instagram handle for the past few days and a lot of people reached out and appreciated my nano tales.

In a world of hashtags,vlogs and calligraphy , a fewer people find time to read blogs. And you sit here wondering , why I don’t have much readers, where does all the likes go, And I don’t even get comments for some of my posts. Do you know how does it affect budding writers like us.

I am sharing some of them here. I can’t say whether they are poems or quotes or stories , it can be anything.

Andd I like it too,because it’s a matter of few minutes to write it out and it is fun to write.

P.S.. I love it for the likes I get in my Instagram handle.

Follow me if you like them. I will sharing more in few days.

Kerala’s best designer labels you should know


This south western strip of land down south the Indian sub continent is now a major game changer in fashion industry with a bunch of experienced designers and self taught designers. In the last 10 years we have witnessed major changes in this ever growing industry.

I feel there is a difference now in the air. When we open social media , we see a lot of labels and boutiques and couture houses with unique designs and trendy fashion updates.

So you wanna meet the major game changers from Kerala? Let’s head straight to the list.

Hari Anand

This veteran is perhaps the first designer from Kerala I have ever heard of, one and only Hari Anand. He showcases sarees,bridal wears,contemporary ready to wears men’s wear,incense ,accessories as well as footwear. I have seen models walking down the ramp in his magnum opus.The Hari Anand label is known for its minimalistic yet dainty looks on experimental fabrics like metallic chiffon.

Mantra by Shalini James

One of the passionate Indian designer who express her love for tradition and culture through her handiworks. Label Mantra oozes out Indianness by embracing ethnic prints , hues and embroidery works. Her Indian by Choice,spring affair and song of the south where all where light weight accented by quirky style and an instant hit. She plays magic with Indian prints like kalamkari, ikat, chettinad checks and mangalgiri by stitching them in chic western style.

Label M by Anu & Reshma

Be it lacy gowns or bridal wears Anu & Reshma from label M got it covered. A couple of years ago there first boutique Mannath was an instant hit and talk of the town. Their collection showcases rare pastels highlighted with awe inspiring needlework and embelishment ,bridal wears,ready to wears are top notch. Label M has a bunch of loyal clientele including south Indian celebrities.

Pranaah by Poornima Indrajith

What can you expect from a celebrity whose dressing sense turned many heads in the town? Yeah from the fashionista ,Poornima Indrajith. Her Aanachantham, chamayam and Eternal garden all garnered lots of fans round the globe. She unveiled an array of masterpieces which were completely new to us at the time of their lunch and it still continues. Her designs behold to our tradition with a contemporary touch to it.

Ethics by Matin Mac

As an experienced designer who did his fashion studies in London, then worked as a designer for Christian Dior in Paris Matin is keen on detailing and finishing. We have seen how he transforms plain fabrics into masterpieces with heavy handiwork and embroidery,it’s magic. No doubt this young blood’s designs will bring out the best in you.

For the Beach-bums- Must visit Kerala Beach Getaways


We are world famous for our backwaters, lagoons, elephants and spices but we have some pristine sandy beaches too. Kerala beaches are the perfect blend of serenity, tranquilness and are dotted with piers, rows of coconut yards ,offering you mesmerising views.

So let’s dive into the must-visit beach destinations.

First comes the best.

Kovalam Beach

One of the busiest beach getaway in the country, every year this paradise witness lakhs of tourists milling around. Once a fishing village is now an iconic beach destination flanked by cliffs.

Kovalam village has a 17km shoreline which features the world famous crescent beaches.The southern one is the Light house beach that imitates a post card worth background with a lighthouse perched on a hillock. Then comes the Hawa beach with a rocky promontry and the Samudra beach.

Thanks to the world famous hippy – trail back in the 1960s and 1970s which made Kovalam so famous.

Marari Beach

Ranked as world’s top five hammock beach by National Geographic survey.

This serene fishing village and its white sand line is dotted with rows of coconut trees. Rows of bright painted fishing boat resting on the beach is icing on the cake. One of the key attraction near Marari is the Marari beach resort.

Varkala Papanasham beach

The ‘holy beach ‘ as the name suggests it means a dip in this beach washes away sins. The Papanasham beach is of great importance to Hindus. They perform rituals for their deceased ones.

This is an epic beach flanked by cliffs that sets a dramatic coastline across the glistening Arabian sea. This beach paradise is famous for its natural beauty.

Bekal Fort Beach

A magazine worthy backdrop of Bekal fort set against the Arabian sea welcomes you here. Bekal fort is a memoir of pre- independence era of India . Bekal fort is clad in red brick towers and is in the shape of a keyhole was built on 17th century. From the fort you can watch the waves dance against the rocky shoreline. Every year lakhs of vacationers visit this epic beach and witness its panoramic vistas.

Alappey Beach

The Venice of the East is not only famous for its laid back waterways but also for its mesmerising shoreline. With a 137 year old beach pier on the side as well as recreational park on the other side , Alappey is all set for action. You can also enjoy a boat journey that will be etched your memories while you are here.

Muzhupilangad Beach

If you are in search for an action packed beach experience, Muzhupilangad is Kerala’s only, India’s longest and Asia’s largest drive-in beach. Race in jeeps through the never ending waves for 4km along these golden sands. Every year on April this action packed beach witness its infamous beach festival.

Poovar Beach

Kerala’s one of the kind drawcard, the Poovar village. Here Arabian sea , a lake and Neyyar river meet together for a chatter. This exotic strip of land is 18km from Kovalam and is sandwiched between Arabia sea on a side and the charming backwaters on the other side.

So, let’s just beat the heat and travel downsouth🌴🏖🏝