For the Beach-bums- Must visit Kerala Beach Getaways


We are world famous for our backwaters, lagoons, elephants and spices but we have some pristine sandy beaches too. Kerala beaches are the perfect blend of serenity, tranquilness and are dotted with piers, rows of coconut yards ,offering you mesmerising views.

So let’s dive into the must-visit beach destinations.

First comes the best.

Kovalam Beach

One of the busiest beach getaway in the country, every year this paradise witness lakhs of tourists milling around. Once a fishing village is now an iconic beach destination flanked by cliffs.

Kovalam village has a 17km shoreline which features the world famous crescent beaches.The southern one is the Light house beach that imitates a post card worth background with a lighthouse perched on a hillock. Then comes the Hawa beach with a rocky promontry and the Samudra beach.

Thanks to the world famous hippy – trail back in the 1960s and 1970s which made Kovalam so famous.

Marari Beach

Ranked as world’s top five hammock beach by National Geographic survey.

This serene fishing village and its white sand line is dotted with rows of coconut trees. Rows of bright painted fishing boat resting on the beach is icing on the cake. One of the key attraction near Marari is the Marari beach resort.

Varkala Papanasham beach

The ‘holy beach ‘ as the name suggests it means a dip in this beach washes away sins. The Papanasham beach is of great importance to Hindus. They perform rituals for their deceased ones.

This is an epic beach flanked by cliffs that sets a dramatic coastline across the glistening Arabian sea. This beach paradise is famous for its natural beauty.

Bekal Fort Beach

A magazine worthy backdrop of Bekal fort set against the Arabian sea welcomes you here. Bekal fort is a memoir of pre- independence era of India . Bekal fort is clad in red brick towers and is in the shape of a keyhole was built on 17th century. From the fort you can watch the waves dance against the rocky shoreline. Every year lakhs of vacationers visit this epic beach and witness its panoramic vistas.

Alappey Beach

The Venice of the East is not only famous for its laid back waterways but also for its mesmerising shoreline. With a 137 year old beach pier on the side as well as recreational park on the other side , Alappey is all set for action. You can also enjoy a boat journey that will be etched your memories while you are here.

Muzhupilangad Beach

If you are in search for an action packed beach experience, Muzhupilangad is Kerala’s only, India’s longest and Asia’s largest drive-in beach. Race in jeeps through the never ending waves for 4km along these golden sands. Every year on April this action packed beach witness its infamous beach festival.

Poovar Beach

Kerala’s one of the kind drawcard, the Poovar village. Here Arabian sea , a lake and Neyyar river meet together for a chatter. This exotic strip of land is 18km from Kovalam and is sandwiched between Arabia sea on a side and the charming backwaters on the other side.

So, let’s just beat the heat and travel downsouth🌴🏖🏝


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