When I wanted to tell you stories in few words- part 2


My favourite routine for the past few days, writing stories in a few words. I don’t know how to categorize them. I don’t know whether they are poems, quotes or what notπŸ™„.

Some of them are inspired , someof them are my own thoughts. I have already shared a few before in a post, check it out here.

And the fun is , people like it too. I have been posting them in my Instagram handle for the past few days and a lot of people reached out and appreciated my nano tales.

Instagram is a necessity to each and every one of budding writers with its hashtags, thousand followers and instant stories.

I always wanted to be a writer, so i thought of writing daily and i find this will work out. And i like it because , i don’t have to think of word count and research a lot, just write from my heart.

And i find it working, everyday i get a few followers,new likes and messages from other fellow writers and my favourite part is some of them even want to feature my works on their instagram handles.

P.S . Follow me if you like them. I will sharing more in few days.

13 thoughts on “When I wanted to tell you stories in few words- part 2

  1. Beautiful tiny snippets 😊. There is so much to be inspired by reading them πŸ˜‡. It’s really hard to write little words that make meaning actually. You did an awesome job 😊✨. Loved it buddy !!

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