Kerala’s best designer labels you should know


This south western strip of land down south the Indian sub continent is now a major game changer in fashion industry with a bunch of experienced designers and self taught designers. In the last 10 years we have witnessed major changes in this ever growing industry.

I feel there is a difference now in the air. When we open social media , we see a lot of labels and boutiques and couture houses with unique designs and trendy fashion updates.

So you wanna meet the major game changers from Kerala? Let’s head straight to the list.

Hari Anand

This veteran is perhaps the first designer from Kerala I have ever heard of, one and only Hari Anand. He showcases sarees,bridal wears,contemporary ready to wears men’s wear,incense ,accessories as well as footwear. I have seen models walking down the ramp in his magnum opus.The Hari Anand label is known for its minimalistic yet dainty looks on experimental fabrics like metallic chiffon.

Mantra by Shalini James

One of the passionate Indian designer who express her love for tradition and culture through her handiworks. Label Mantra oozes out Indianness by embracing ethnic prints , hues and embroidery works. Her Indian by Choice,spring affair and song of the south where all where light weight accented by quirky style and an instant hit. She plays magic with Indian prints like kalamkari, ikat, chettinad checks and mangalgiri by stitching them in chic western style.

Label M by Anu & Reshma

Be it lacy gowns or bridal wears Anu & Reshma from label M got it covered. A couple of years ago there first boutique Mannath was an instant hit and talk of the town. Their collection showcases rare pastels highlighted with awe inspiring needlework and embelishment ,bridal wears,ready to wears are top notch. Label M has a bunch of loyal clientele including south Indian celebrities.

Pranaah by Poornima Indrajith

What can you expect from a celebrity whose dressing sense turned many heads in the town? Yeah from the fashionista ,Poornima Indrajith. Her Aanachantham, chamayam and Eternal garden all garnered lots of fans round the globe. She unveiled an array of masterpieces which were completely new to us at the time of their lunch and it still continues. Her designs behold to our tradition with a contemporary touch to it.

Ethics by Matin Mac

As an experienced designer who did his fashion studies in London, then worked as a designer for Christian Dior in Paris Matin is keen on detailing and finishing. We have seen how he transforms plain fabrics into masterpieces with heavy handiwork and embroidery,it’s magic. No doubt this young blood’s designs will bring out the best in you.

For the Beach-bums- Must visit Kerala Beach Getaways


We are world famous for our backwaters, lagoons, elephants and spices but we have some pristine sandy beaches too. Kerala beaches are the perfect blend of serenity, tranquilness and are dotted with piers, rows of coconut yards ,offering you mesmerising views.

So let’s dive into the must-visit beach destinations.

First comes the best.

Kovalam Beach

One of the busiest beach getaway in the country, every year this paradise witness lakhs of tourists milling around. Once a fishing village is now an iconic beach destination flanked by cliffs.

Kovalam village has a 17km shoreline which features the world famous crescent beaches.The southern one is the Light house beach that imitates a post card worth background with a lighthouse perched on a hillock. Then comes the Hawa beach with a rocky promontry and the Samudra beach.

Thanks to the world famous hippy – trail back in the 1960s and 1970s which made Kovalam so famous.

Marari Beach

Ranked as world’s top five hammock beach by National Geographic survey.

This serene fishing village and its white sand line is dotted with rows of coconut trees. Rows of bright painted fishing boat resting on the beach is icing on the cake. One of the key attraction near Marari is the Marari beach resort.

Varkala Papanasham beach

The ‘holy beach ‘ as the name suggests it means a dip in this beach washes away sins. The Papanasham beach is of great importance to Hindus. They perform rituals for their deceased ones.

This is an epic beach flanked by cliffs that sets a dramatic coastline across the glistening Arabian sea. This beach paradise is famous for its natural beauty.

Bekal Fort Beach

A magazine worthy backdrop of Bekal fort set against the Arabian sea welcomes you here. Bekal fort is a memoir of pre- independence era of India . Bekal fort is clad in red brick towers and is in the shape of a keyhole was built on 17th century. From the fort you can watch the waves dance against the rocky shoreline. Every year lakhs of vacationers visit this epic beach and witness its panoramic vistas.

Alappey Beach

The Venice of the East is not only famous for its laid back waterways but also for its mesmerising shoreline. With a 137 year old beach pier on the side as well as recreational park on the other side , Alappey is all set for action. You can also enjoy a boat journey that will be etched your memories while you are here.

Muzhupilangad Beach

If you are in search for an action packed beach experience, Muzhupilangad is Kerala’s only, India’s longest and Asia’s largest drive-in beach. Race in jeeps through the never ending waves for 4km along these golden sands. Every year on April this action packed beach witness its infamous beach festival.

Poovar Beach

Kerala’s one of the kind drawcard, the Poovar village. Here Arabian sea , a lake and Neyyar river meet together for a chatter. This exotic strip of land is 18km from Kovalam and is sandwiched between Arabia sea on a side and the charming backwaters on the other side.

So, let’s just beat the heat and travel downsouth🌴🏖🏝

If days were people


Well this post is based on a writing prompt idea I came across yesterday.

I found it quite interesting , what if days has personalities, what if they were people.

Every single day marks a brand new beginning in your life. Today is different from Yesterday ,so will be tomorrow. You have special connections with each day, some days are your dearest while some make you shout ” I am doomed”.

Every day you learn a new lesson that will be helpful in your future. Some of us may have special routines for each day. At the end of the day all that matters is your happiness and the lessons you learned.

So put on your cape and face the day. Yay 💪

So what’s today?🤓

Must visit honeymoon destinations in India


Just Married and in the quest to find your dream honeymoon destinations?

Here, we have five iconic destinations perfect for the adventure lover, art lover, nature lover and the beach- bum in you.

Walk hand-in-hand with the love of your life and kickstart your happily ever after from these exotic locales.


The unique drawcard of the Kashmir valley nestled inside the Himalayas.This romantic getaway is famous for its lakes, Moghul gardens, quaint shrines, its untouched beauty, and wildlife.

A ride in the Shikhara boats in the Dal lake set against a magazine-worthy backdrop of the Himalayas is a must.The Moghul gardens on the eastern shore of the Dal lake is a great memoir of the golden Moghul era.

Other main attractions to visit in Srinagar are Hazratbal shrine on the banks of Dal lake, Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip garden which is Asia’s largest of its kind, Sankaracharya temple, Floating market and Dachigam National Park which is home to rare and endangered Kashmir stag.

No doubt, summer is in the air at Srinagar. Best time to visit -Spring&Summer

Before you set-off to Srinagar, always check-in with the police and natives for a clear picture of the situation.

Taj Mahal-Agra

The epitome of love, the iconic mogul monument built by the emperor Shajahan for his queen Mumtaz. A UNESCO world heritage site clad in white marble with beautiful domes.

Undeniably, touring the Taj Mahal is the better way to celebrate your love and marriage.

Some other attractions near Taj Mahal are

Agra Fort, one of the finest mogul forts clad in red sandstone built by Akbar for military purposes.

Baby Taj, which is the real inspiration for Taj Mahal. It’s a much smaller version of Tajmahal built in a blend of Indian and Moghul architecture.

Fatehpur Sikri- Once a vibrant capital of the Mughal empire, built by Akbar. This royal beauty is indeed a town is dotted with red sandstone buildings throughout. And is a UNESCO world heritage site because of its cultural, architectural and historic importance.

Mathura- This ancient city on the banks of Yamuna is indeed a sacred place of Hindus. Mathura is the land of Lord Krishna the incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu.

Your Agra to-do list doesn’t end here, because there is much more.


The home turf of world’s best beaches and vibrant nightlife. The perfect honeymoon getaway for the beach bums and the adventure lovers because the beach life ,night parties are something to die for. Headstart your day with a sunrise and set off to lounge on the white sand beach lined with the green palm trees and watch the rushing waves.You can end your day with a visit to the ancient churches and then partying up in the beach shacks.


Wanna visit the Indian Scotland? Hop on a plane with your backpacks down south to Coorg in Karnataka. An ethereal beauty dressed in velvety green and kissed by the white mist.

For the adventure lover in you, Madikkeri region the trekker’ s paradise is the best. You can hike through the lush plantations while enjoying the unravelling beauty of Cauvery and many other streams.


This string of 36 islands on the are India’s only Coral Atolls and is an untouched gem hidden in the Arabian sea. Unwind your tensions while embracing the beauty of this enchanted islands.

Turquoise blue waters with vibrant coral reef, clear sky and palm lined white sands are Lakshadweep’s drawcard.Here nature’s palette is at it’s best.

These are destinations worthy of a honeymoon getaway. Nothing is better than holding the love of your life’s hand and stroll along these vibrant locales.

Get the Glow With this Oh-so Chocolatey face pack


I am a proud chocoholic and to me, it’s just ” Forget love, I’d rather fall for chocolate.  I believe the happiness fairy turned happiness into chocolate with her magic wand. Yes, chocolate keeps you happy, it uplifts your moods, makes you young and keep away stress and make you feel like a kid with its chocolate goodness.  For me, a bit of chocolate is good for your soul and your skin too.


Today let’s see how chocolate works wonder on your skin with a pinch of coffee, honey, oatmeal and milk.

I used cocoa powder here, it is rich in antioxidants, blocks harmful radiation and removes skin damage. Oatmeal is a gentle exfoliator with amazing sunblock capacity.Coffee tones and exfoliates your skin whereas honey cleanses it and open clogged pores. And Milk it moisturizes, softens and hydrate your skin with its magical prowess.


Cocoa powder(unsweetened)- 3teaspoons

Coffee (finely grounded)- 1 teaspoon

Oatmeal (ground) 4 teaspoons

honey- 2 teaspoons

milk – 2 teaspoons

Mix whole ingredients and make a coarse paste. You can ground oatmeals either in food processor or you can grind them using your hand. I grind oatmeal using my hand because I don’t like my oatmeal finely grounded. Amount of milk can be adjusted in regard to the consistency you need.

Apply it to the clean face and neck evenly (avoiding eyes), when it dry wet it with some water, do a light massage and wash it off.

While I was making the mask I was fighting hard not to lick away it, because it is completely edible. Indulge in this oh so chocolatey decadent spa – mask while you are at your home. When the chains of your mood swing snaps, girlsssss……. just run for this chocolate mask.

N.B : image credit-pixbay / google

Brave the Rain, Wanna Play?


The whole world knows us Kerala’s ardour for football and our long romance with the monsoon gods. If football is ardour, rain is a gift from the heavens then soccer in rain is Euphoria. There is nothing unworldly like getting on the field on a rainy day, just run right through it, hustle , hit and “GOAL”. Get ready for Goosebumps, pitter-patter sounds, and new smells, myriad of unknown emotions that whoosh through your heart. Unleash the kid inside you; get dirty, playful while the rain washes away your worries of the day.

Remember when you were little how you run around in the rain, stomping on those puddles. Soccer in rain is a one-way ticket to your childhood days, Laugh a little, aim for the soggy puddles and drench yourself in a spray of gooey mud. Let there be happy faces with a smug grin, let the feet’s get dirty and let your soul be content.

Apart from all the above, soccer in rain benefits you in many ways. It keeps you cool, no sweat and no heat. There is extra oxygen, and it is easier to breathe while it rains. A light drizzle can change the views around you and the after rain smell of the rain that wafts around you is a soothing one. The chatter of raindrops against you feels like beatboxing by nature, the glistening emerald green of the turf under your feet, the water jewelled goal post, rain changes your ordinary day to marvellous. Your day’s worries are washed away by the rain gods. When life gives you rainy days, lace up your boots and head straight for the ball.

While I was writing this article, the dusk falls, there are foreboding clouds above me, it is hot and humid, and there is a slight wind, Yay! It’s going to rain. So I am gonna brave the rain, Wanna Play?

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