You are my Untouchable,

Your face is Untouchable.

My love for you is Untouchable.

My feelings for you are Untouchable

My dreams of us are Untouchable

For me, you will always be untouched and untouchable.

A letter to my rock-bottom


Dear rock-bottom,

You have been taunting me for the past few years. You are using all your dirty tricks upon me. You hit me in my face and you pull apart my life like no one ever did. You just wanted to broke me financially,mentally, spiritually and socially. You hit me hard in all of my weakest places. You gripped your vices on me , you tried to take away my happiness, my dreams and my hopes.

I know why you are so merciless to everyone. Because people curse you, hate you and they wanted to drive you away. So you taunt them more, you just want to break everyone ,hit them hard.

Somehow , you broke me technically,but not completely. You know why?

Because I choose to embrace you,no matter how vicious you are I still like you🤗. And I accepted my rock bottom as the blank slate where I sketched my life.

When I fell down into the waiting arms of my rock-bottom it strangled me with all its mightiness. I didn’t know how to come out of it, I was stuck in that eerie glowiness.

Then I realized that I am at the crossroads,either I can choose to huddle in this rock-bottom or choose to hustle .And I choose the later one, hustle , like a toddler taking her first steps.

The first question I asked myself was ” Why me?”
Now , I know the answer. It is ” because I am stronger.

I started to surround myself with happiness, the little things that made me happy. They are:-

I indulged in improving my skills.

I started writing regularly.

I started to read a lot.

I did diy, crafts, arts and doodling.

I did all small things I can do.

My rock bottom taught me:-

how to be patient.

how to be nice to others

It keeps me grounded.

It made me believe in myself, when no one ever did.

I taught me, the only person who can ever help you is yourself

It taught me that,” Everything I did matters.

We fought over relentlessly, when she tried to drown me I tried to rise up.

It taught me “there are no shortcuts, it’s a long road”.

My Little Tea Thoughts


As an ardent tea/coffee lover, my thoughts of Tea is blended with my daily life, even the appearance of ‘tea’ in Daily Prompt tempts me to haul my ass over to the kitchen to romance with a cup of tea. In my mother tongue Malayalam, the official language of Kerala tea is “chaaya”.

One of my strong memories with tea is about Munnar, Idukki. It’s a good 4 hours travel from my native place to Munnar, the land of tea. I have travelled to Munnar a lot of times.During these trips, I learned why those hat wearing ladies are simply cutting away leaves, the transformation of green tea leaves to brown liquid and the magic behind echo point and many more questions that always popped-in my head.


Well,  Munnar is the first heroine of my little thoughts about tea. She is a beauty, an emerald gem graced in rich green throughout. She is carpeted in velvety green plantations which are cleaved by the snake like curvy roads and sparkling white waterfalls.

I have been to Munnar more than 10 times, every trip has only elevated the beauty and charm of Munnar. It is never a boring space. She is like an old wine that gets better with age. With her surreal views, the mesmerising rich green plantations, life at Munnar is like living a dream.

The clouds that seem touchable, the mist and the light drizzle that graces the tea blanketed Munnar hills and a stroll through the raining tea plantation roads, this is my most fond memory about Munnar.

And every 12 years Munnar experiences the phenomenon of “blossoming of Neelakurinji”. Neelakurinji is a  shrub found in Shola forests of the Western Ghats with violet-purple flower, every twelve years the meadows and the uphills at Munnar dress in violet, a sea of violet. This is the real must see, awe inspiring view for everyone.


At present Munnar is in national headlines because of Pempilai Orumai Movement and the anti-encroachment movement by the former Devikulam Sub -Collector Sriram Venkitaraman.


Photos Collected from Google

Forgive me for my writing mistakes. ❤

All about the perfectionist- Virgo


It’s all about perfection; they always try to improve themselves to be the epitome of perfectness. This is the 6th sign of the zodiac, ruled by the planet Mercury. It’s the only sign represented by a female, the virgin, the sign of fertility, wisdom and harvest.

People born in the Virgo season are perfectionists, down to earth, intellectual, demanding and the one person who always holds your back. They are the natural helpers, great listeners and always give their 100 per cent in everything.

Virgos are loyal friends, but they take the time to mingle with you, once they become your friends, they will always hold your back. They are independent creatures; the only person they look up to in any difficulties is themselves. Depending on others is something a virgin can never accept, they know what they want and know how to achieve.

They live in their mind and thinks with their mind, not their heart.

Virgo people are mind readers who can go down deep into your souls by analysing body language and facial expressions. They may act dumb and innocent, but they analyse everything about you; so you can’t deceive them.

Virgos are generally worrywarts, though they look calm and collected, their mind is just like an erupting volcano. They can hide everything with a charming smile and deceive you. At times, they are hypercritical, but they only criticise to improve, what they need is the best.

People born under this sign are loyal, problem solvers, nerds and pure-minded. They give you the best advice, the practical ones. Even under stress, they pretend everything is ok, which is their defensive mechanism. They like to be in control of what is happening, and they will just make you do things according to their plan without even making you know.

Details, facts and intellect attract a Virgo. Instead of the big picture they always analyse the little details that others miss, this set them apart from the rest. Virgos are old fashioned and crave for attention. They never let go of their inner child and keep everything you said in their heart.

Virgos gear up… The Virgo season is on the way ❤

Let’s Bumble Together


via Daily Prompt: Bumble

Let’s Bumble, babble, mumble and stumble together. Life is not about being a perfectionist. We learn by attempting mistakes and clearing confusions. Life threw us opportunities to bumble only because to step forward and succeed. We can’t win if we don’t make mistakes, we have to be imperfect to be perfect once. We have to be a learner or student to be a teacher later. We have to be a failure only to be a winner in the course of life.

We learn by attempting mistakes and clearing confusions. Life threw us opportunities to bumble only because to step forward and succeed. We can’t win if we don’t make mistakes, we have to be imperfect to be perfect once. We have to be a learner or student to be a teacher later. We have to be a failure only to be a winner in the course of life.

How a kid starts to walk? Through little steps, confusions, falling down, pain and mistakes and starts walking.

So never get tired of Bumbling.

Happy Bumbling