You are my Untouchable,

Your face is Untouchable.

My love for you is Untouchable.

My feelings for you are Untouchable

My dreams of us are Untouchable

For me, you will always be untouched and untouchable.

My Little Tea Thoughts


As an ardent tea/coffee lover, my thoughts of Tea is blended with my daily life, even the appearance of ‘tea’ in Daily Prompt tempts me to haul my ass over to the kitchen to romance with a cup of tea. In my mother tongue Malayalam, the official language of Kerala tea is “chaaya”.

One of my strong memories with tea is about Munnar, Idukki. It’s a good 4 hours travel from my native place to Munnar, the land of tea. I have travelled to Munnar a lot of times.During these trips, I learned why those hat wearing ladies are simply cutting away leaves, the transformation of green tea leaves to brown liquid and the magic behind echo point and many more questions that always popped-in my head.


Well,  Munnar is the first heroine of my little thoughts about tea. She is a beauty, an emerald gem graced in rich green throughout. She is carpeted in velvety green plantations which are cleaved by the snake like curvy roads and sparkling white waterfalls.

I have been to Munnar more than 10 times, every trip has only elevated the beauty and charm of Munnar. It is never a boring space. She is like an old wine that gets better with age. With her surreal views, the mesmerising rich green plantations, life at Munnar is like living a dream.

The clouds that seem touchable, the mist and the light drizzle that graces the tea blanketed Munnar hills and a stroll through the raining tea plantation roads, this is my most fond memory about Munnar.

And every 12 years Munnar experiences the phenomenon of “blossoming of Neelakurinji”. Neelakurinji is a  shrub found in Shola forests of the Western Ghats with violet-purple flower, every twelve years the meadows and the uphills at Munnar dress in violet, a sea of violet. This is the real must see, awe inspiring view for everyone.


At present Munnar is in national headlines because of Pempilai Orumai Movement and the anti-encroachment movement by the former Devikulam Sub -Collector Sriram Venkitaraman.


Photos Collected from Google

Forgive me for my writing mistakes. ❤