Semolina(rava)-potato vada to beat the monsoon cravings.


As a Malayali, I long for monsoons than summers. It is that unpopular season among kids, the back to school time. It brings in magic, creativity, and nostalgia to our lives. Right now, we are witnessing the visits of Monsoon Gods.
The sweet smell of rain and the soil makes the air so dramatic. Water, bright greenery, colorful umbrellas, local fishermen are the everyday scenes during monsoons.

When it rains, desires hit us hard. A cup of hot tea and a plate of crunchies is a must-have on a rainy day.

I am sharing an easy snack recipe here.

Rava (semolina)- 1 /2cup

Boiled potato(mashed) – 1(big)

Cumin powder – a pinch

Salt – for taste

Crushed garlic – 2or 3 cloves

Ginger paste – 1tsp

Crushed green chillies – 2

Onion- 1 small

Oil – to fry

Turmeric powder – a pinch

Mix all the ingredients and sprinkle some water on to it to make it damp.

Don’t add too much water, just a sprinkle to hold all the ingredients.

It should be coarse and thick but slightly loose than chapathi dough because you have to put holes in the center.

Take lemon size balls from the mix and place it on your palm and slightly flatten it and then dig in hole on the center.

Freeze it for 20-30 mins

Heat oil and fry the freezed vadas in the oil . Fry until it turns golden color.

Try it with hot tea or coffee .

While I was savouring these crunchy munchies all I could hear was the beat boxing of raindrops against my roof.

P.S. I never thought I could make doughnut shape . So I didn’t thought of clicking pics while mixing the batter . All I could do was click the piping hot vadas.