A letter to my rock-bottom


Dear rock-bottom,

You have been taunting me for the past few years. You are using all your dirty tricks upon me. You hit me in my face and you pull apart my life like no one ever did. You just wanted to broke me financially,mentally, spiritually and socially. You hit me hard in all of my weakest places. You gripped your vices on me , you tried to take away my happiness, my dreams and my hopes.

I know why you are so merciless to everyone. Because people curse you, hate you and they wanted to drive you away. So you taunt them more, you just want to break everyone ,hit them hard.

Somehow , you broke me technically,but not completely. You know why?

Because I choose to embrace you,no matter how vicious you are I still like you🤗. And I accepted my rock bottom as the blank slate where I sketched my life.

When I fell down into the waiting arms of my rock-bottom it strangled me with all its mightiness. I didn’t know how to come out of it, I was stuck in that eerie glowiness.

Then I realized that I am at the crossroads,either I can choose to huddle in this rock-bottom or choose to hustle .And I choose the later one, hustle , like a toddler taking her first steps.

The first question I asked myself was ” Why me?”
Now , I know the answer. It is ” because I am stronger.

I started to surround myself with happiness, the little things that made me happy. They are:-

I indulged in improving my skills.

I started writing regularly.

I started to read a lot.

I did diy, crafts, arts and doodling.

I did all small things I can do.

My rock bottom taught me:-

how to be patient.

how to be nice to others

It keeps me grounded.

It made me believe in myself, when no one ever did.

I taught me, the only person who can ever help you is yourself

It taught me that,” Everything I did matters.

We fought over relentlessly, when she tried to drown me I tried to rise up.

It taught me “there are no shortcuts, it’s a long road”.

If days were people


Well this post is based on a writing prompt idea I came across yesterday.

I found it quite interesting , what if days has personalities, what if they were people.

Every single day marks a brand new beginning in your life. Today is different from Yesterday ,so will be tomorrow. You have special connections with each day, some days are your dearest while some make you shout ” I am doomed”.

Every day you learn a new lesson that will be helpful in your future. Some of us may have special routines for each day. At the end of the day all that matters is your happiness and the lessons you learned.

So put on your cape and face the day. Yay 💪

So what’s today?🤓

Brave the Rain, Wanna Play?


The whole world knows us Kerala’s ardour for football and our long romance with the monsoon gods. If football is ardour, rain is a gift from the heavens then soccer in rain is Euphoria. There is nothing unworldly like getting on the field on a rainy day, just run right through it, hustle , hit and “GOAL”. Get ready for Goosebumps, pitter-patter sounds, and new smells, myriad of unknown emotions that whoosh through your heart. Unleash the kid inside you; get dirty, playful while the rain washes away your worries of the day.

Remember when you were little how you run around in the rain, stomping on those puddles. Soccer in rain is a one-way ticket to your childhood days, Laugh a little, aim for the soggy puddles and drench yourself in a spray of gooey mud. Let there be happy faces with a smug grin, let the feet’s get dirty and let your soul be content.

Apart from all the above, soccer in rain benefits you in many ways. It keeps you cool, no sweat and no heat. There is extra oxygen, and it is easier to breathe while it rains. A light drizzle can change the views around you and the after rain smell of the rain that wafts around you is a soothing one. The chatter of raindrops against you feels like beatboxing by nature, the glistening emerald green of the turf under your feet, the water jewelled goal post, rain changes your ordinary day to marvellous. Your day’s worries are washed away by the rain gods. When life gives you rainy days, lace up your boots and head straight for the ball.

While I was writing this article, the dusk falls, there are foreboding clouds above me, it is hot and humid, and there is a slight wind, Yay! It’s going to rain. So I am gonna brave the rain, Wanna Play?

This is my latest write-up for Football fanclub South Soccers.

South Soccers is a football fan club from Kerala.We are a bunch of Football Enthusiasts entitled as South Soccers, from the God’s own Country, Kerala. As a loyal fan club, we ensure all football supporters across the globe that you’ll be the first one to know about the latest news from Kerala Blasters.

Childhood then-by a true blue 90’s born


This is a pic-memoir about my childhood. I am a true-blue 90’s kid from Kerala. My childhood was i-pad free, app free, technology free and mobile-game free and it was pure bliss and entertainment, entertainment and only entertainment.

While I was writing this post, a sudden burst of childhood memories flooded through my mind. And I find it easy walking down the memory lane because it was action packed and gripping era of my lifetime.

The best fights, best kisses, best journeys, best weekends, best friends and the best season of my timeline, my childhood was the best. And I am truly sad and broken that it’s over, but the child in me never will never say goodbye. She’s with me and I will never let her go because she fascinates me, urges me to speak the truth, make me behave like a stupid in front of other and she tells my soul to go overboard, coz then I was a crazy girl.


Leah’s Bucket List


Just now I was thinking of a travel bucket list where all I wanna go and whet my wanderlust.

Santorini, Greece


To me, Santorini is a white canvas splashed across with some brighter tones. Look at the image, isn’t she charming beauty set across the sea on a steep hill with white of the white touches. Santorini, Here I come ❤

Pamukkale, Turkey


Wowwww …. Again a white beauty, I just think this is a piece of heaven with white fluffy cloud-like formations. I just wanna bask in the summer sun here with my beloved. All the white soothe my tiring mind.

Chatsworth House, United Kingdom


This is my Darcy’s house(Pride & Prejudice). My life will be happier if I get a chance once in my lifetime to visit this beautiful house. I wanna take a lazy stroll across its grounds with a paperback of Pride & Prejudice. I am a Janeite ❤



Yay! Malta is a sod of a place. rich in culture, diversity and scenic nature. I just wanna stroll across the harbour place, Popeye village and the lamp-lit streets of Mdina. As it’s a sod, I know there are much more awaits me here.


Cotswolds, UK


Another dream destination of mine, resembling a painting of a pretty street. Yeah, it’s pretty, very beautiful. The beautiful honey-brown homes set across an enchanting street rimmed with greeneries and flowers. I wanna buy a house in this very lane to keep my greedy mind a content one <3.

Well, my list is pretty lengthy, I will share it with you very soon.

❤ Leah. See you soon.






All about the perfectionist- Virgo


It’s all about perfection; they always try to improve themselves to be the epitome of perfectness. This is the 6th sign of the zodiac, ruled by the planet Mercury. It’s the only sign represented by a female, the virgin, the sign of fertility, wisdom and harvest.

People born in the Virgo season are perfectionists, down to earth, intellectual, demanding and the one person who always holds your back. They are the natural helpers, great listeners and always give their 100 per cent in everything.

Virgos are loyal friends, but they take the time to mingle with you, once they become your friends, they will always hold your back. They are independent creatures; the only person they look up to in any difficulties is themselves. Depending on others is something a virgin can never accept, they know what they want and know how to achieve.

They live in their mind and thinks with their mind, not their heart.

Virgo people are mind readers who can go down deep into your souls by analysing body language and facial expressions. They may act dumb and innocent, but they analyse everything about you; so you can’t deceive them.

Virgos are generally worrywarts, though they look calm and collected, their mind is just like an erupting volcano. They can hide everything with a charming smile and deceive you. At times, they are hypercritical, but they only criticise to improve, what they need is the best.

People born under this sign are loyal, problem solvers, nerds and pure-minded. They give you the best advice, the practical ones. Even under stress, they pretend everything is ok, which is their defensive mechanism. They like to be in control of what is happening, and they will just make you do things according to their plan without even making you know.

Details, facts and intellect attract a Virgo. Instead of the big picture they always analyse the little details that others miss, this set them apart from the rest. Virgos are old fashioned and crave for attention. They never let go of their inner child and keep everything you said in their heart.

Virgos gear up… The Virgo season is on the way ❤