Worth the Fight


We fight, fight and fight
We fight against our fears
We fight against our tears
We fight against our scars
We fight against our dears
We fight against our failures
We fight against our imperfections
We fight against ourselves
We get tired of fighting
On the verge of losing our fighting spirit
We start fighting aggressively, and it is worth it.

If days were people


Well this post is based on a writing prompt idea I came across yesterday.

I found it quite interesting , what if days has personalities, what if they were people.

Every single day marks a brand new beginning in your life. Today is different from Yesterday ,so will be tomorrow. You have special connections with each day, some days are your dearest while some make you shout ” I am doomed”.

Every day you learn a new lesson that will be helpful in your future. Some of us may have special routines for each day. At the end of the day all that matters is your happiness and the lessons you learned.

So put on your cape and face the day. Yay 💪

So what’s today?🤓