You are my Untouchable,

Your face is Untouchable.

My love for you is Untouchable.

My feelings for you are Untouchable

My dreams of us are Untouchable

For me, you will always be untouched and untouchable.

Worth the Fight


We fight, fight and fight
We fight against our fears
We fight against our tears
We fight against our scars
We fight against our dears
We fight against our failures
We fight against our imperfections
We fight against ourselves
We get tired of fighting
On the verge of losing our fighting spirit
We start fighting aggressively, and it is worth it.

That Unrequited love of mine


I was just mentally slapping myself when I got this idea to write about my unrequited love. There is a saying “it takes two to tango”, so I couldn’t play that very special tango with him.
I use to visualize you and me as the hero-heroine of all the HEA films, love songs I use to watch. I use to visualize all our long drives together with my favourite playlist. I had already planned our pillow talks, our baby names, our picnic getaways and our anniversaries.
Whenever I see you in a crowd, I had to control my mind and eyes to never glance in your direction. I had to kill all those traitorous butterflies on my stomach that drives me insane and stupid in front of you.I had to keep myself under control not to climb over you, not smile, not talk and look at you. You don’t know the energy and time I have spent last few years only thinking about you. You don’t know how much I love your beautiful eyes, face, silence, your humble heart, kindness and smile.
When I finally heard you are someone’s now, you don’t know how much I cried, how much I scolded myself for being a goofball and not telling you clearly how much I crave for you.
All I wanted to do now is to get you out of my system, but I pity myself because I can’t do that, ever.I lost my dream boat, I lost my happily ever after and my prince charming.
All this time, I was on a long journey, a solo and you were my destination, a destination I was not able to reach.