A letter to my rock-bottom


Dear rock-bottom,

You have been taunting me for the past few years. You are using all your dirty tricks upon me. You hit me in my face and you pull apart my life like no one ever did. You just wanted to broke me financially,mentally, spiritually and socially. You hit me hard in all of my weakest places. You gripped your vices on me , you tried to take away my happiness, my dreams and my hopes.

I know why you are so merciless to everyone. Because people curse you, hate you and they wanted to drive you away. So you taunt them more, you just want to break everyone ,hit them hard.

Somehow , you broke me technically,but not completely. You know why?

Because I choose to embrace you,no matter how vicious you are I still like you🤗. And I accepted my rock bottom as the blank slate where I sketched my life.

When I fell down into the waiting arms of my rock-bottom it strangled me with all its mightiness. I didn’t know how to come out of it, I was stuck in that eerie glowiness.

Then I realized that I am at the crossroads,either I can choose to huddle in this rock-bottom or choose to hustle .And I choose the later one, hustle , like a toddler taking her first steps.

The first question I asked myself was ” Why me?”
Now , I know the answer. It is ” because I am stronger.

I started to surround myself with happiness, the little things that made me happy. They are:-

I indulged in improving my skills.

I started writing regularly.

I started to read a lot.

I did diy, crafts, arts and doodling.

I did all small things I can do.

My rock bottom taught me:-

how to be patient.

how to be nice to others

It keeps me grounded.

It made me believe in myself, when no one ever did.

I taught me, the only person who can ever help you is yourself

It taught me that,” Everything I did matters.

We fought over relentlessly, when she tried to drown me I tried to rise up.

It taught me “there are no shortcuts, it’s a long road”.