When I wanted to tell you stories in few words- part 1


This is my favourite routine for the past few days , telling stories to people in a few words.

You don’t have to keep an eye on the word count, you don’t have to research a lot for the post. Just write your heart away.

And the fun is , people like it too. I have been posting them in my Instagram handle for the past few days and a lot of people reached out and appreciated my nano tales.

In a world of hashtags,vlogs and calligraphy , a fewer people find time to read blogs. And you sit here wondering , why I don’t have much readers, where does all the likes go, And I don’t even get comments for some of my posts. Do you know how does it affect budding writers like us.

I am sharing some of them here. I can’t say whether they are poems or quotes or stories , it can be anything.

Andd I like it too,because it’s a matter of few minutes to write it out and it is fun to write.

P.S.. I love it for the likes I get in my Instagram handle.

Follow me if you like them. I will sharing more in few days.